YAMAHA Lineare Achsmodule LCM-X Serie

From “passive flow” to “active movement”. Eliminating uselessness from transport processes improves profitability.

Improve space occupancy, transport accuracy, and acceleration / deceleration performance.

Taking the place of the predecessor model “LCM100” while employing module structures and high speed direct drive by linear motors, the “LCM-X” enables to build up high value-added yet general-purpose transport systems between processes.
Significantly improving the space occupancy rate, making better the transport accuracy and increasing the acceleration and deceleration performance, the linear conveyor modules realize higher level transport automatization ever before.


Linear conveyor module LCM-X series

Faster, more accurate, and easier to use

  • Stop position repeatability: ±5µm
  • Maximum acceleration: 5G
  • Maximum speed: 3m/sec
  • Span between sliders: 210mm

01 Centralized control by Universal Controller

A single Universal Controller can control all the sliders in a centralized manner including slider circulation. Capable of cooperative motion with peripheral robots, the Universal Controller enables you to build up a highly sophisticated transport process.

02 The bridge pier structure enables speedy setup.

The connection units allow highly accurate mechanical connection of the modules. All you have to do is tighten the bolts. The mechanical connection also completes the electrical connection at the same time without additional connection cables. Considerably easy setup saves you a lot of time.

03 The top cover keeps dust away.

A cover is at the top to protect rails and motors from falling objects.

04 All the sliders can move independently from the others.

You can freely move any of the sliders any time.

05 Use of the motor driver integrated into and put together with the main body saves electrical wiring.

The unitized electro-mechanical structure with a motor driver built in the module controls entire LCM-X. Connecting with the Universal Controller via one YQ Link cable is all you have to do. It surely contributes to saving space in the control panel.

06 Able to identify slider IDs

The multi-track magnetic sensor enables to identify a slider ID at any point in the transport process. Even if you have unintentionally changed sliders, the system correctly identifies the ID of each slider.

07 Error width (machine difference) between sliders ±10µm

When stopping two or more sliders at a point one after another, the actual stop positions are inevitably different because each slider has its own error width (machine difference). The LCM-X minimizes the width error among the sliders within as little as ±10µm to best suit high accuracy processes. Requiring no RFID can reduce costs.

08 No need to return to origin

Use of the high accuracy absolute magnetic scale needs no operation for returning to origin. You can easily start up and stop the motion. It does not waste time either when re-starting the machine to restore operation.

09 Maximum acceleration 5G

The acceleration as high as 2.5 times contributes to high speed operation in a line. High speed motion between an extremely short distance is possible even in a high density process or pitch feed.

10 Low profile structure

Use of the newly developed linear motor makes the module height approximately half compared with the previous model. You can also use a space under the frame.

Technische Daten


Model LCM-X
Drive method Linear motor with moving magnet type core
Position Search Full range absolute position detection sensor and full range slider ID detection
Maximum payload 15 kg
Maximum speed 3,000 mm/sec
Repeatability +/- 5μm
Machine error between robot sliders +/- 10μm *1
Maximum stroke when connected Approx. 25 m *2
Maximum number of robot sliders 64 units *2
Minimum spacing between robot sliders 210mm
Main body dimensions Max. external size of body cross-section W178 × H85 mm (Including robot slider)
Linear module length 200 mm to 1,000 mm (1 module) select every 100 mm.
Robot slider length 198mm
Weight Linear module 10 kg [Per 1 m of linear module]
Robot slider 1.2kg
Connection unit 0.8kg
Power supply Control power supply DC48V +/- 10%, 75W [Per 1 m of linear module]
Motor power supply *3 DC48V +/- 10%, approx. 200W [Per 1 robot slider]
Maximum current capacity *4 Total30A [Control power supply: 15Amax., Motor power supply: 30Amax]
Operating environment Operating temperature 0℃ – 40℃
Storage temperature -10℃ – 65℃
Operating humidity 35% – 85%RH [No condensation]
Controller YHX series *5
Robot slider end face to be the reference place
Depending on system configuration
Different from one motion pattern to another
Maximum current capacity for one input section (one connection unit). Where the electrical power demand exceeds the input capacity, supply electrical power through two or more ports to make the system operable.
The YHX controller requires a separate electrical power supply.


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